Why Does Email I Send End Up in the Recipients Spam Folder?

Email is a big part of everyday business. Both sending and receiving. We all get mail from people we don't know asking for information about doing business with us. Unfortunately, not all responses we send are received and read.

One of the most frustrating things is when you get an email from someone that hasn't properly configured their mail program with their correct return address. In this case, the response you send will come back as undeliverable. At least this time you know that the person didn't get your response and you might have a phone number or other way to contact them.

But what happens when you send a response and it goes into their Spam or Junk folder instead of their Inbox? Since it didn't bounce back you're assuming that the email was delivered and read. In reality, unless the recipient checks their Spam folder they will never know that you responded to their inquiry.

So why would your email not go into their Inbox? There are several reasons that email ends up in someone's Spam or Junk folder:
  1. The Junk Mail filter has identified one or more keywords that spammers repeatedly use in their messages
    See How to Avoid
  2. The recipient has flagged the sender as someone that sends spam See How to Avoid
  3. The recipient's ISP has filtered the mail as spam or junk mail based on the content or the senders IP address See How to Avoid
  4. You are sending an attachment with your message See How to Avoid
  5. You have included HTML code in your email See How to Avoid
  6. Your email contained pictures See How to Avoid
  7. The email was addressed to a large group of people (either in the 'TO' or using 'CC') See How to Avoid
  8. The recipient has set up 'rules' in their mail program that are too generic and therefore tagging your mail as spam. See How to Avoid
Spammers are getting smarter and more aggressive every day and so are spam filters that try to keep up with them. As a result we need to pay attention to what are often the small details in our email that may restrict the deliverability of our email correspondence.
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